Swedish Navy versus British Embassy Squash Tournament

February 9, 2019 all-day
Swedish Navy versus British Embassy Squash Tournament

There is an annual squash match played between the UK & US embassies versus the Royal Swedish Navy (RSwN); it takes place on Saturday Feb 9th 2019 and is organised by the UK Embassy Defence Section.  Your Association would like to support the British side by fielding a strong contingent of players, so that we can take back the trophy which the RSwN won last time by one point (- just one, ONE, point!!).

Thus, we are calling on any squash players to come forward for that event.  Please email us giving a rough idea of how good you are, or when you last played, so that the Defence Section can field a winning team.  There is a strong possibility there will be a dinner in the evening to celebrate our victory!

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